Recording your whole screen with PowerPoint (audio only)

  1. Open a new PowerPoint
  2. Click on “Insert”
  3. Selected “Record Screen”, found on the top bar far right.
  4. Select your desired recording area (Drag top left to bottom right)
  5. Configure your settings at the top box
    1. Here you can select audio (highlighted grey is on)
    2. Select whether you would like the pointer on or off (highlighted grey is on)
  6. When ready, you can select record to start recording.
    1. At this stage, you can deliver your lesson while recording the audio and screen. Feel free to navigate through webpages, word documents etc, you do not have to stay on PowerPoint for it to keep recording.
  7. To stop recording, move your mouse to the top of the screen, and it should highlight the control box, where you can either pause, or stop your recording. 
  8. Once you stop the recording, it will embed the video into the first slide.
  9. If you would like to make any amendments to the video, such as trimming the start and end, right click on the embedded video, and select the “Trim” button. Here you will able to set a start and end point. (dragging green and red cutting buttons)

At this stage, you will have a recorded clip of your screen. The next step is to export it as a video.

  1. Click on File, and first select “Compress Media”, and select HD as the quality. This can save around 25% of file size for the longer videos.
  2. Now, go back to the slide, right click on the video and selected “save media as”.
  3. At this stage, you will need to select a save location. It is important here to navigate to the multimedia drive, shown on the left panel, and find the PowerPoint recordings folder. Feel free to make your own folder and save your video here. (If you save your videos in your own area, it will clog up space quickly)