Microsoft Teams Installation for IOS 

To begin Microsoft Teams installation, please select the ‘App Store’ on your device and start the app.


Once into the App Store please type in ‘teams’ in the search at the top of the screen. This will bring up Teams for download and install (shown in the screenshot on the left side of the next page), click ‘get’ beside the application icon to download and install.



When the installation has completed close the App Store (swipe up or click the home button) and select the Teams icon (shown on the right above).   This will start the app and begin login.


The application will ask you to sign in (as shown the screen shot on the left above).  Click ‘Sign in’ and enter your Woodstock email address and then password (as shown on the screen shot on the right above).

Once logged in Microsoft Teams will start with the Teams and Chats you have set up previously.