Recording your screen with webcam and audio - PowerPoint

  1. Open a pre-made PowerPoint.
  2. Click on the “slide show” tab
  3. Select “Record Slide Show”
  4. It will then bring up your slideshow in a presentation mode, with your webcam at the bottom right of the PowerPoint (do not worry about the placement, it can be moved later).
  5. From here, you can start presenting your PowerPoint by pressing recording at the top left.
    1. If you have notes added to the PowerPoint, you can click on the notes section at the centre/top of screen and it will display them for you.
  6. Navigate between slides using the left and right arrows on the page
  7. When you are finished presenting the PowerPoint, click the stop button top left, and then close the screen pressing the X. You will see there is a small video attached to the screen from your recordings. You can click and drag this to move and resize it to your choice.


Now you have created the recording of your PowerPoint, the next step is to export it as a video.


  1. Click on file and first compress media to HD (720P) 
  2. Next, click on export and select create a video.
    1. Select HD 720p from the dropdown list
  3.  On the left, click on “export”
  4.  Now click on “Create video”
  5.  Find a suitable location to save your video. If you navigate to the multimedia drive, shown on the left panel, you will find a PowerPoint recordings folder. Feel free to make your own folder and save your video here, to save space in your personal area.