There are times certain folders need to shared, whether its for a confidential scans folder where only certain staff should access, or a full drive for SIMS.

An example below is the process for creating a shared scans folder:

1. Login to the server where the folder will be sitting and create your folder, for example "Main_Office_Scans". On this occasion it is the shared file server. Open server manager.

2. Expand the left menu, select "File and storage services" followed by "Shares".

3. You can right click in the white space under shares, and select "New Share"

4. Proceed with a "SMB Share - Quick" option.

5. On the "select location" tab, select the "type a custom path" option, and then locate the folder you create earlier.

6. Name the share something suitable. If you want it hidden, end it with a $.

7. Select the top option of access-based enumeration - this will hide the folder if you choose not to use $ above from those without access. This is useful when your folder is amongst a popular folder area used by other staff.

8. Select the permissions of who will need access to the share. This can be individual user based, alternatively create a security group in AD and use it here. For this example a main office security group is used.

9. Proceed and press create - at which point your share will be accessible.

You can now use your newly created share to communicate with a printer for SMB scans for example.