This is a brief guide on how to install Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac at home.

Step 1

Open your app store on your mac and type in Microsoft Remote Desktop, and click install on the app.

Step 2

Once the app has been installed to your Mac, open the program, and press Add PC

Step 3

In this section, enter your PC name (contact if unsure), followed by add user account.

Step 4

Add your school username and password, but remember to type TLS\ before your username.

You can also add a friendly name. This is just a label and can by anything – usually just Office PC or Classroom PC. 

Press Add once this section is complete.

Step 5

On the main page, click on the gateway dropdown list and select Add Gateway

Step 6

Type into the gateway name box, give it a friendly name (remote is fine), and then press Add.

Step 7

Add a friendly name for your PC. “Office PC” or “Classroom PC” is sufficient. Once these settings are in place, click add at the bottom of the page.

Step 8

Double click on the icon that has been created, to load up your PC. If the below message appears, select the “Do not ask again for this PC” button then press connect.

Step 9

You should then see a screen like the below. Click on your username, then enter your password. You should then connect to your PC. Please remember, if you are using this connection method, you need to leave your PC on in school.