Start by going to and selecting “Sign up – It’s Free!” or “Log In” if you have an existing account.

Next, Select the “As a teacher” button and then “Sign up with email”.

Fill in your details on the next page accordingly.

Select the Basic Free version of Kahoot!

Now it will prompt you to create a quiz straight away, as well as other options.

After clicking on create, you will be brought to this menu. You can start inputting in questions and answers straight away, as well as adding in pictures for your questions.

This is what a completed question looks like. Make sure you select which of the answers you have inputted are correct.

You don’t need to just have multiple choice questions, you can also select templates for True or False questions, Puzzles and Polls by selecting the “Add question” button.

After selecting “Enter quiz title”, it will open up this menu, where you input your quizzes name and description to save the quiz.

When your quiz is ready, select play and you will be brought to the “Game options” screen. Select Classic.

Then scroll down and select other options. We always recommend turning on “Friendly nickname generator” to avoid inappropriate names. 

This is what the start of the game looks like. Give students a moment to enter the game and you will see them appearing in this box.
 Students need to enter to join the game, or the Kahoot! App on the iPads.

Your screen will need to be visible for them to view the answers, as they will only be able to see what is on the right.

Final results for the students!

Your Home Page.
This is where you can create new Quizzes, play ones you have already made or even discover premade ones to play.
Kahoot! Even keeps track of quizzes and statistics through your “Reports” tab so you can see which of your quizzes were most successful.