Main changes from Motorola radios;

  • 7 channelsrather than 3.
    1. Lancaster 1 – Standard
    2. Lancaster 2 – Premises  
    3. Lancaster 3 – ICT
    4. Lancaster 4, 5, 6 – Spare
    5. ALL CALL (If you speak into this channel, all people will receive no matter what channel they are currently on)
  • Private point to point broadcasting
    1. By selecting a contact on the radio list, you can have a point to point private conversation with the owner of that radio. Just hover over the contact, then press the broadcast button.
  • Increased Range
    1. There is a 2km radius on the radios so there is a much bigger range. We have tested this as far as Victoria Park without interruption.
  • Digital rather than analogue – Clearer!